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by Christy Morgan

Curious what Nia is all about? This website has some great blog posts on the subject. Many of which are inspiring and you may connect with!

I’d love to tell you about my experience with Nia. To be honest with you at first I thought it was bizarre and not for me. The first time I saw a Nia class was at the Portland VegFest in October 2014 and will admit I had some negative judgements about it. At the time I was bodybuilding and really into pumping iron. Even though I had enjoyed Zumba and all forms of dance in the past, Nia just rubbed me the wrong way. There was dancing, then people began to kick and punch the air, saying “yaaaah” as they went. Then jumping and dancing around all wildly. I thought to myself, these people are nuts. Haha, it’s really funny when I think back on it!


Nine months later I was at the Vegetarian Summerfest giving talks and teaching bootcamps. Early 2015 I decided to take a break from bodybuilding and get back into yoga. It gave me a chance to center and connect to myself and not care so much about my physical shell. My friend Allison was teaching Nia classes at Summerfest so I thought, what the heck I’ll give it a try. I let everything go and went in with no expectations. I literally danced like no one was watching and had SO MUCH FUN! Allison’s class reminded me how much I loved to move my body and express myself within movement. I took another class with her that week and got hooked.

My experience with dance is mostly in clubs. I took a jazz dance class at a community college later in life, but I never did dance classes growing up. My best friend has tried many times to take me to an “ecstatic” dance party but everytime I freeze up and can’t move. There’s something about being in a class and following a teacher that comforts me. The great thing about Nia is you express yourself within the set movements of the class. The teacher is just a guide.

allisonbaliSo if you are a bit nervous about dancing or feel like you aren’t coordinated Nia is just for you! Especially with a teacher like Allison. She puts you at ease just being in her presence. So don’t let your fears stop you from joining us in Bali. Also, keep in mind that all classes are optional. If you try one of the Nia classes and decide it’s not your thing that’s cool. Just come for the yoga (which is also optional!), art classes, the chance to relax and recharge, and connect with other conscious-minded women.

Allison and I are so excited to share the empowering movement of Nia with you in Bali! We have extended the early bird discount a week so you’ll save $200 off if you pay your deposit by January 22nd!! Don’t miss this opportunity! Blissed Out Retreats will not be going to Bali for another few years or at all. If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting this magical place jump on this affordable package. You won’t find any retreat of this nature cheaper.

See more details of the retreat here.

by Christy Morgan

I remember my first time out of the U.S. like it was yesterday. I had just graduated with a fashion design degree and wanted to go to a fashion school in Florence, Italy. The weekends would be spent traveling up and down the country in exploration. In Rome, my camera was stolen out of my backpack in a hostel and I lost all the photos I had taken (back then there was film in cameras!). Even though I had no proof that I had visited the Colosseum and the Pantheon, the memories remained etched in my brain.

I remember traveling down the Amalfi Coast with my mouth agape at the beauty. Cinque Terre was so cute and close to Florence that I went twice. These travels led me to say goodbye to schooling and continue to travel. I had been bit by the bug! I continued up to Switzerland, where my purse was snatched in Zurich and caused so much frustration and pain trying to replace my passport.

camelposeIn every country I’ve visited since you will find similar stories of trials and tribulations, but all the magic I have seen far outweighs the bad. It took me 10 years and traveling to 28 countries to learn how to be a better traveler, the ins and outs of transportation, and surviving as a vegan. Going on a retreat saves you so much stress because someone like me who has been through everything plans it all out for you!

Riding river taxis through Bangkok. Cycling on rickety bikes to Angkor Wat at sunrise. Dripping sweat at the Taj Mahal. Watching the Legong dance in Bali. Taking the tube in London. Picking strawberries in the mountains of Malaysia. Releasing baby turtles into the ocean in Mexico. Sipping the best soy latte in Australia. Doing yoga at an ashram in Vietnam. The list goes on and on of the magic I’ve experienced thanks to traveling the world.

One of the most magical times I’ve ever had was in Bali last year with 13 beautiful and unique women. These retreats teach me so much about myself, but the most amazing thing is watching how they transform others. From the woman who went to honor her parents who had passed during the same week years back, to the mother who had never left her child and fell so much in love with Bali she’s been back again. To the many who had never left the country and trusted they would be taken care of by me. To the puppies we found under a lounge chair on the beach and found a home for. We all have unique stories to tell.

4 reasons why you should go on a yoga retreat

Less planning, less stress
It takes hours and hours of researching to find the perfect hotel, make sure you’ll have the healthy food you desire, what part of town you should stay in, figuring out transportation and customs, etc. When you go on a retreat everything is planned for you. You just show up and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime! That right there is priceless!


Connection with like-minded individuals
Retreats are perfect for solo travelers or those who don’t want to spend their whole vacation alone. It’s not always possible to travel with your friends or family. But that shouldn’t stop you from going to a magical place to have an amazing experience. If you go on a retreat you instantly have 10+ friends and you aren’t left all alone with no one to share your experiences with. Even the most introverted will feel more secure on a retreat because all the activities are optional and you get plenty of free time to do you own thing too. And who knows, these people may become life-long friends.

Come home better than when you left
Going on a retreat that includes things like yoga, mind/body connection, and healthy food lets you come back home better off that when you left. That is the whole purpose of our retreats! Remember that last vacation where you drank too much, ate crappy food and came home drained and like you needed a vacation from your vacation? Going on a healthy retreat will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the world. The Bali retreat will give you a self-care plan to take home as well.

Say-YES-to-life-and-seeSaying yes to you
Most people are living day in and day out trying to make ends meet, caring for their friends and family, some are running businesses and managing families. Women in particular spend less time on themselves than they do on the people around them. Taking time away from everyday life allows you to think more clearly about your needs and to connect with your authentic self. And you deserve it!