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Vegan Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Meal While Traveling

by Christy Morgan

The infamous best meal you’ve ever had question. Being a chef I often get this question. It’s like choosing your favorite child. It’s near impossible. Especially for foodies like us vegans.

When asked to do an interview for The Vegan Word, this question undoubtedly came up. I thought to myself long and hard, then chose something unique that also had a special place in my travels. My new friend Brighde had taken me under her wing in sweaty, smelly Bangkok 5 years ago. I was there working on a Southeast Asian cookbook with May Kaidee. Having a vegan friend there during those two months contributed to my happiness and ability to survive such a grueling town.

She introduced me to Miang Kham.miangkham

You get this tray of little bowls filled with awesomeness (you can also find it in baggies on the street!). The name means “eating many things in one bite”. You take a herb leaf and fill it with these things, top with sauce, and it’s heaven in your mouth. It usually comes with little dried shrimp so be sure to ask for something else or to leave that off your platter.

This is just one of the many amazing vegan meals you can find in Thailand. Vegan Food Quest has an epic post with some of the best (including their miang kham featured in the image to the right)! Check it out here.

To be especially annoying we turned the tables and ask the favorite meal question to some of our vegan travel blogger friends. Here’s what they had to say!

Do you have a favorite meal you’ve had while traveling the world? Tell us all about it in the comments! 


Caryl and Paul from Vegan Food Quest

Caryl has been vegan for over 12 years and me for nearly 2 years so that is over 15 thousand plant-based meals to choose from! We love everything from simple street food to exquisite fine dining so picking our favourite is impossible; however, we love burgers and this delicious plant-based burger at Six Senses Con Dao in Vietnam was pretty special (pictured).


Amanda from Burger Abroad

Here’s where I’m supposed to say a salad, but I’m a huge sucker for vegan comfort foods, especially pizza. I recently found the best vegan pizza in Brighton, England at Pizzaface (pictured). They made a delicious vegan cheese pizza with sour cream, sausage and rocket on top. Amazingly good.


Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan

I’ll go with the sushi at Pirata in Vienna (pictured). Before I became vegan, sushi was my favourite food of all time. If I’d been told I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, I would have chosen sushi. While the sushi I ate almost always contained fish, I now realize that what I really loved (and still love) about sushi were all the plant-based flavours the fish was wrapped up in – the pickled ginger, the spicy wasabi, the salty nori and the slightly sweet rice. Unfortunately, vegan options in sushi restaurants where I live tend to be limited to rather boring cucumber rolls. That’s why I was thrilled to find out about Pirata – a fish-free sushi restaurant in Vienna! They make really creative sushi rolls; my favourite was the mango and avocado with sesame seeds. Yum!


Caitlin from The Vegan Word

I was lucky enough to have a 9-course gourmet meal at an upscale Japanese-style vegetarian restaurant in Taipei, Yu Shan Ge. All for under $30! Of course, in local currency that’s quite a lot. The restaurant is apparently frequented by a lot of local celebrities. The food was phenomenal and I’ve never experienced service like that. I had a private waiter to myself!


Amelia from Plant-Powered Nomad

The one that stands out maybe isn’t the most culinarily extraordinary, but it’s one that shows just how easy travelling as a vegan and finding amazing meals can be. I was with another vegan friend at the time visiting Alishan mountain in Taiwan. It’s utterly beautiful, but we were staying in a tiny village with incredibly limited food options. Chancing our luck we wandered into a restaurant and asked the man (in Chinese) whether there were any vegan options. He pointed out several and so we took them all. We ended up with bamboo shoots, tea noodles, and wasabi tofu which somewhat stole the show. It was incredibly simple, and yet fresh and delicious. It combined the traditional Chinese culture of Taiwan with the Japanese influence left in Alishan: the area is renowned for its wasabi growing.


Kristin from Will Travel For Vegan Food

I don’t think I have ONE favorite meal but many, many, many good ones. Which is a good thing, for sure. If I had to choose one to highlight here though it would be the ice cream sundae from Portobello in Portland, OR. Not sure if it counts as a “meal” per say, haha but it’s my favorite because at the time I’d never had ice cream that was so rich and creamy. They topped it with whipped cream and it had a chocolate cake base filled with chocolate syrup. Ugh, it was so good. Plus, I got to enjoy it with my parents which made it extra special. Actually, we each got our own because…yeah.

I don’t know about you but my mouth is watering! Thanks to everyone for sharing this delicious food with us! One of my favorite things about traveling is trying all the beautiful, compassionate food around the globe. Each place has it’s own unique flavors, textures, and presentation. Eating is probably the best thing about traveling actually! Do you agree?

Do you have a favorite meal you’ve had while traveling the world? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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  • Wendy@TheNomadicVegan says:

    Ooh, these all look and sound so amazing! I didn’t know you put out a cookbook with May Kaidee?! What’s it called? May Kaidee’s has been among my top five favourite restaurants of all time for many years now, even long before I became vegan. It’s great to see her having so much success. And I know Brighde’s name too; Colleen Patrick Goudreau talks about her all the time on her podcast. So many lovely vegan people all over the world spreading vegan love 🙂

    • christy says:

      Well, they never went forward with the book because they decided to open more cooking schools instead! That’s funny you know Brighde! It’s such a small vegan world 😉

  • Amy says:

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