Yoga for Beginners Retreat

Want to learn about yoga?

Many yoga retreats offer vinyasa or power yoga that isn’t suited to beginners. With this retreat we start with the basics and work up. You’ll also get hands-on personalized attention suited to help you grow your practice. Christy will meet you where you are at so you don’t need to worry. Enjoy a wellness experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated all while learning the benefits of yoga.

Relaxation for all

Our location is built for relaxation. In a quiet village in Portugal, you’ll be able to relax and bliss out away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Read a book, take a stroll through the countryside, or take an afternoon trip to the beach. This retreat is 5 nights and includes 2 yoga workshops per day and most meals. You deserve a break!

Culture and food is not forgotten

Want to include cultural activities like museums, walking tours, and more? We got you covered. And let’s not forget about the food! Our vegan chefs will feed you with the best plant-based meals you’ve ever had. We focus on whole foods, no refined sugar, organic meals that leave you feeling alive. Have special requirements like gluten-free? Let us know and we can accommodate.  

This retreat is coming soon!!!

!Contact us to learn more.