Need help planning a retreat?

Are you ready to lead a retreat but don’t know where to start? Does spending hours researching the best accommodations seem boring to you? Are you worried about traveling in another country, what visas are needed, deposits being paid upfront, and best times of year to travel?

We are here to help! We’ve traveled to 35 countries (and counting) and led 5 successful wellness retreats globally. We can help you set up the retreat of your dreams!

We do consulting if you have questions about how to plan, where are the best locations, how much should you charge, if you should use a travel agency or not, putting your cancellation policy into effect, help with liability forms, and share the ins and outs of setting up your schedule and accommodations. Learn from someone that has experienced everything you could imagine in traveling to far off lands. We can help you have a successful event or retreat!

We take 30 minute Skype appointments from 9am-4pm CST Monday-Friday. Each appointment is $50. Please contact us to schedule your appointment today!

We are now taking applications for partnerships in 2018. I can help you build the retreat of your dreams, make sure you have the most delicious meals available (raw, vegan, gluten-free, allergy aware), and help you book your retreat solid. i.e. Money to be made for you while you do what you love with people who love you. If you think you can get at least 10 people signed up for a retreat please email me more about yourself and what you are looking for in a retreat. 

Many companies out there offer you a free vacation but give you no money for your time and the guests you book. We don’t do that! We want you to make money through hosting retreats as well as get a beautiful vacation. 

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