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Hello friends!

We are currently in Canggu, Bali at the surf and yoga retreat called Pelan Pelan. After spending 2 weeks here (only 5 days left) we will go to Ubud on Saturday for the first retreat of the year with Allison Rivers Samson. It is so incredibly beautiful here in Canggu. A little surfer town with tons of healthy, vegan food options, we highly recommend you stay here when you come to Bali.

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The internet here is never 100% and you never know when the power will go down so we are trying our best to stay in touch and get new content out to you. For instance, I can’t get any photos to upload to this post though I’ve been trying all morning! Bali tests our patience like no other place in the world. You have to go with the flow or you’ll just be miserable. And you have to show some gratitude for all the beauty that surrounds you.

When you come to Bali there are many different types of places you can stay. If you are into the beach, want to learn to surf, have many yoga classes at your fingertips, and be spoiled by all the amazing coffee and vegan food, Canggu is where it’s at. The town is filled with locals and expats who came to visit and never left. It has a pretty young vibe; we’d guess that most people here are in the 20s and 30s, but that shouldn’t deter you because everyone is nice and doing their own thing. You’ll want a scooter to get around as Canggu isn’t super walking friendly and it’s just so hot in Bali, the scooter gives you natural air con to dry the sweat from your brow.

If you want beach with a lot more solitude then Amed is the next up and coming beach town toward the Northeast side of Bali. For more of a city vibe head to Ubud in central Bali. There is something for everyone here and an abundance of healthy, fresh food waiting around every corner.

Keep an eye out for more posts about beautiful Bali!

by Christy Morgan

Curious what Nia is all about? This website has some great blog posts on the subject. Many of which are inspiring and you may connect with!

I’d love to tell you about my experience with Nia. To be honest with you at first I thought it was bizarre and not for me. The first time I saw a Nia class was at the Portland VegFest in October 2014 and will admit I had some negative judgements about it. At the time I was bodybuilding and really into pumping iron. Even though I had enjoyed Zumba and all forms of dance in the past, Nia just rubbed me the wrong way. There was dancing, then people began to kick and punch the air, saying “yaaaah” as they went. Then jumping and dancing around all wildly. I thought to myself, these people are nuts. Haha, it’s really funny when I think back on it!


Nine months later I was at the Vegetarian Summerfest giving talks and teaching bootcamps. Early 2015 I decided to take a break from bodybuilding and get back into yoga. It gave me a chance to center and connect to myself and not care so much about my physical shell. My friend Allison was teaching Nia classes at Summerfest so I thought, what the heck I’ll give it a try. I let everything go and went in with no expectations. I literally danced like no one was watching and had SO MUCH FUN! Allison’s class reminded me how much I loved to move my body and express myself within movement. I took another class with her that week and got hooked.

My experience with dance is mostly in clubs. I took a jazz dance class at a community college later in life, but I never did dance classes growing up. My best friend has tried many times to take me to an “ecstatic” dance party but everytime I freeze up and can’t move. There’s something about being in a class and following a teacher that comforts me. The great thing about Nia is you express yourself within the set movements of the class. The teacher is just a guide.

allisonbaliSo if you are a bit nervous about dancing or feel like you aren’t coordinated Nia is just for you! Especially with a teacher like Allison. She puts you at ease just being in her presence. So don’t let your fears stop you from joining us in Bali. Also, keep in mind that all classes are optional. If you try one of the Nia classes and decide it’s not your thing that’s cool. Just come for the yoga (which is also optional!), art classes, the chance to relax and recharge, and connect with other conscious-minded women.

Allison and I are so excited to share the empowering movement of Nia with you in Bali! We have extended the early bird discount a week so you’ll save $200 off if you pay your deposit by January 22nd!! Don’t miss this opportunity! Blissed Out Retreats will not be going to Bali for another few years or at all. If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting this magical place jump on this affordable package. You won’t find any retreat of this nature cheaper.

See more details of the retreat here.